• Conference for Wind Power Drives 2017
    Conference for Wind Power Drives 2017
  • Conference for Wind Power Drives 2017
    Conference for Wind Power Drives 2017
  • Conference for Wind Power Drives 2017
    Conference for Wind Power Drives 2017
  • Conference for Wind Power Drives 2017
    Conference for Wind Power Drives 2017
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    Conference for Wind Power Drives 2015
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    Conference for Wind Power Drives 2015
  • Conference for Wind Power Drives 2013
    Conference for Wind Power Drives 2013
  • Conference for Wind Power Drives 2013
    Conference for Wind Power Drives 2013
  • Conference for Wind Power Drives 2013
    Conference for Wind Power Drives 2013

Plenary lectures

Saerbeckplus - A commune on its way to climate neutrality,
Wilfried Roos, Bürgermeister Saerbeck

Challenges to Power System Control caused by Wind and Solar,
Dr. Kleinekorte, Amprion

Panel discussion: WTG system test – Effort and benefits

Electrical Grids

Experimental characterization of grid loss event on nacelle test-rig using advanced operational modal analysis,
Jan Helsen, OWI-Lab BruWind

Modeling of wind farms based on a novel DSP-simulator-cluster,
Alexander Helmedag, Institut für Automation of Complex Power Systems (ACS), RWTH Aachen

Fostering the grid integration of mainstream wind power by hydrogen generation,
Prof. Dr. Detlef Stolten, Forschungszentrum Jülich

System test facilities for wind turbines – drive train simulation and grid emulation,
Dr. Uwe Vollmer, GE Energy Power Conversion Test Systems

Modelling and simulation

Evaluation of the minimum requirements for the dynamic analysis of wind turbine drive trains from the certification point of view,
Dr. Andreas Bockstedte, DNV GL

Recommendations on model fidelities for wind turbine gearbox simulations,
Dr. Jonathan Keller, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Usage of highly detailed models for a successful decision and optimisation of bearing concepts in modern wind turbine generators,
Dr. Samer Mtauweg, AREVA Wind GmbH

Dynamic simulation of a full scale nacelle test bench with focus on drivetrain response under emulated loads,
Laiye Bi, Chair for Wind Power Drives (CWD), RWTH Aachen

Multi body simulation of a wind turbine nacelle test bench with consideration of grid faults,
Karin Eustorgi, Fraunhofer IWES

Dynamic stress analysis of the high-speed stage of a wind turbine gearbox using a coupled flexible multibody approach,
Tommaso Tamarozzi, University of Leuven

Determining the characteristics of large diameter ball- and roller bearings,
Dr. Thomas Handreck, ThyssenKrupp Rothe Erde

Potentialities for the design of wind turbines by combining measurement and simulation,
Dr. Thomas Rosenlöcher, Institut für Maschinenelemente und Maschinenkonstruktion (IMM), TU Dresden

Wind turbine generators

6 MW wind turbine with multiple high-speed generators,
Simon Serowy, Chair for Wind Power Drives (CWD), RWTH Aachen

Comparison of concepts for generators in the 3 MW class,
Dr. Roland Zeichfüßl, Siemens AG

Magnetically-geared generator with a front mounted turbine architecture,
Dr. Stuart Calverley, Magnomatics Limited

Wind turbine gearboxes

New technologies ready for more reliable and lightweight wind turbine gearboxes,
Kari Uusitalo, Moventas Gears Oy

Harmonized assessment of the design reliability of windturbine gearboxes,
Anja Hovgaard, Vestas Wind Systems

Influence of low temperatures on the load carrying capacity of case hardened gears,
Florian Dobler, Forschungsstelle für Zahnräder und Getriebebau (FZG), TU München

Design of journal bearings for wind turbine gearboxes and their validation,
Dr. Thomas Meyer, Siemens AG

Validation strategy for multi-megawatt wind turbine gearboxes – functionality and robustness,
Bert Verdyck, ZF Wind Power

From a safety factor driven concept to reliability engineering:
development of an 8MW wind energy gearbox,

Dr. Dirk Strasser, Bosch Rexroth AG

Design evaluations of wind turbine spline couplings using an analytical model,
Dr. Jonathan Keller, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

New strategies in the design of structural components for wind turbine gearboxes,
Jean-Andre Meis, Siemens AG

Wind turbine bearings

Investigations of new cage designs for main bearings of multi-megawatt wind power plants,
Bodo Hahn, Schaeffler Technologies GmbH & Co. KG

HSS bearing loads testing in the NREL gearbox reliability collaborative,
Brian McNiff, McNiff Light Industry

White Etching Cracks (WEC) in Roller Bearings
Root Causes, Formation Mechanisms and Damage Reproduction,

Moritz Ploß, Institut für Maschinenelemente und Maschinengestaltung (IME), RWTH Aachen

WEC formation in through hardened and case hardened steel – influence of retained austenite,
Toni Blaß, Schaeffler Technologies GmbH & Co. KG

Blade bearings: damage mechanisms and test strategies,
Matthias Stammler, Fraunhofer IWES

Drive train concepts

Trends in wind turbine drivetrain concepts – challenges expected,
Thes Rauert, HAW Hamburg

New drive train concepts for multi-megawatt wind turbines,
Dirk-Olaf Leimann, ZF Wind Power

Technical challenges for multi-megawatt low wind turbines,
Joachim Nitzpon, Nordex Energy GmbH

CVT drive train for wind turbines – benchmarking of technology trends,
Dr. Martin Atzler, FEV GmbH

Hydrostatic transmission for wind turbines – lessons learned from five years of research,
Gunnar Matthiesen, Institut für fluidtechnische Antriebe und Steuerungen (IFAS), RWTH Aachen

WTG system test benches and tests

Test-based study of the influence of 6 DOF wind loads on the local loads in a wind turbine gearbox,
Dominik Radner, Chair for Wind Power Drives (CWD), RWTH Aachen

High torque gearboxes for wind turbine test bench applications,
Armin Diller, RENK Test System GmbH

Large force and moment measurements for wind turbine drive train test rigs,
Robert Orange, MTS Systems Corporation

Verification and validation of wind turbine powertrains – current practice and future market requirements,
Jens Demtröder, Vestas Wind Systems A/S

Clemson University Test Center: commissioning and first test results,
Andrei Mander, Clemson University

Operating & control strategy

Dynamic load reduction and energy yield optimization for wind turbines,
Dr. Andreas Vath, Bosch Rexroth

Forecast and control of the power output of wind turbine by wind measurement in front of the turbine using nacelle-based LiDAR,
Yusuke Setoguchi, University of Tokyo

Control strategy of a new concept wind turbine with power split,
Qian Liu, Institut für elektrische Maschinen (IEM), RWTH Aachen

Investigation of yaw system loads for a wind turbine in different operation and load cases,
Moo-Gyn Kim, Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften Hamburg

Condition monitoring systems

Condition diagnosis for wind turbines using an overall monitoring strategy,
Dr. Samer Mtauweg, AREVA Wind GmbH

Condition monitoring of pitch bearings with acoustic emission technology,
Tobias Vraetz, Institut für Maschinentechnik der Rohstoffindustrie (IMR), RWTH Aachen

Measurement of rotor blade deformations of wind energy converters with laser scanners during operation,
Martina Große-Schwiep, Jade Hochschule

Condition monitoring for wind power gearboxes based on knowledge and experience from automotive and other applications,
Johannes Schäfer, ZF Friedrichshafen AG