• Conference for Wind Power Drives 2017
    Conference for Wind Power Drives 2017
  • Aufbau FVA-Gondel
    Aufbau FVA-Gondel
  • Conference for Wind Power Drives 2017
    Conference for Wind Power Drives 2017
  • Center for Wind power drives
    Center for Wind power drives
  • Conference for Wind Power Drives 2017
    Conference for Wind Power Drives 2017
  • Aufbau FVA-Gondel
    Aufbau FVA-Gondel
  • Vorstellung des 4MW Prüfstandes
    Vorstellung des 4MW Prüfstandes
  • 4MW-Prüfstand mit HybridDrive
    4MW-Prüfstand mit HybridDrive
  • 1MW-Prüfstand
  • Campus Melaten
    Campus Melaten


  • 2nd CWD-Newsletter

    The last few weeks have been marked by the close cooperation of various disciplines along wind turbine drive trains at the CWD. Their efforts have paid off: the completion of the assembly of our flagship FVA nacelle project means...[more]

  • IEA Wind Task 35

    The CWD dedicated 6 and 7 June entirely to the IEA Wind Task 35. This workshop was visited by Professors Shuju Hu, Yangfeng Meng and Ya Deng from the Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing. Part of the task involved investigating...[more]

  • FVA Nacelle - Start of the test procedure

    This week the test procedure of the FVA-Nacelle has started. Within the next weeks over 200 sensors will be applied to the Nacelle. The hardwae in the loop operation will start soon. Thanks to all employees who have made it...[more]

  • Toleranzfeldbasierte Auslegung der Verzahnungen des Getriebes in der FVA-Gondel

    Die Verzahnungen im Getriebe der FVA-Gondel des CWD wurden mithilfe einer am Werkzeugmaschinenlabor (WZL) entwickelten toleranzfeldbasierten Auslegungs- strategie für Zahnräder konzipiert. In einem solchen Prozess werden zunächst...[more]

  • Gearbox Assembly

    Whtin in the last week the gearbox with the main shaft was assembled to the FVA nacelle. The CWD-team precisly placed and mounted the 55 tons assembly with a tilt angle of 6° on the nacelle. Now the test bench can be put into...[more]

  • Getriebe Lieferung

    Diese Woche wurde das neue Getriebe für die FVA-Gondel geliefert, sodass die Hauptwelle mit dem Getriebe mittels der Schrumpfscheibe verbunden werden konnte. [more]

  • CWD-Newsletter

    This week the first CWD-Newsletter is published. You can find it here. If you want to subscribe to the Newsletter please send an email to .[more]

  • Montage des Generators

    Heute wurde der Generator der FVA-Forschungsanlage in die Gondel integriert. Die Asynchronmaschine mit kurzgeschlossenem Läufer weißt eine Nennleistung von 2750 kW auf. Nun folgt die elektrische Verkabelung zum Umrichtersystem...[more]

  • Nacelle on the Tower

    Within the last week the FVA-Research nacelle was successfully placed on the Toweradapter. The original geometry of the Tower flansh was kept in order to install the complete Azimutsystem with its full functionality. This week...[more]

  • Brian Feeny of the Michigan State University showed new results at the CWD

    Brian Feeny Professor of the department of mechanical engineering of the Michigan State University showed his latest results according to rotor blade vibrations at a workshop at the CWD. [more]

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