CWD 2023 & DSEC 2023

CWD 2023 & DSEC 2023

The Center for Wind Power Drives and the Center for Systems Engineering would like to thank all participants, speakers, and attendees for their valuable contribution to the successful implementation of CWD 2023 and DSEC 2023. The conference was attended by approximately 450 people from industry, academia, and research, and offered valuable insights into current research topics with over 100 technical papers in the fields of drive technology and model-based systems engineering.

We would like to highlight the positive response to the guided institute tours on the second day of the conference, where many visitors took the opportunity to get an insight into the work and facilities of the Center for Wind Power Drives and the MSE Test Center. Thank you for your interest and active participation!

Save the date - the next CWD DSEC conference will take place from March 11-12, 2025. We are confident that we can offer you an exciting program at our next conference and look forward to welcoming you to our future events soon.

The conference papers can be found at the following links:

Journal papers with peer-review (CWD & DSEC)

Conference papers (CWD)

Conference papers (DSEC)


CWD 2023 & DSEC 2023