4 MW-WT-system test rig for On-Shore WEA

  4 MW test rig at Center for Wind Power Drives Copyright: © CWD  

With the 4MW-WT-system test rig for onshore wind turbines the behaviour of wind turbines (WT) drives in the multi-megawatt range can be analysed as a whole and under reproducible conditions.

Due to the fact that the entire WT drive train – in contrast to the distinct components – is analysed, it will be possible to simulate all system characteristics, particularly the strongly coupled dynamic dependencies, with the test rig.

The integration of Hardware-in-the-loop models for the replication of the rotor and electric grid leads to an application of reproducible outer loads. A dynamic wind load simulator on the rotor side as well as an electric link of the WT with the test rig power converters with electronic switches for the grid load simulations are used for the appropriate implementation.