Real Time Digital Simulator RTDS


The core of the simulation infrastructure is a set of interconnected, real time simulation platforms, each with its own area of application, and its peculiarity. For real-time simulation of distribution and transmission power systems, the infrastructure is equipped with an 8-rack Real Time Digital Simulator (RTDS) and an eMEGAsim simulator from OPAL-RT. The RTDS is able to simulate power system dynamics up to 3kHz. Furthermore, the simulation signals are made available as transducer outputs via the specialized output cards. Apart from transducers these specialized output cards can emulate IEC 61850 merging units, RTUs and PMUs. The infrastructure is also equipped with a Digital Signal Processing (DSP) cluster which allows the real-time simulation of distributed systems with pervasive presence of power electronics, like simulation of wind farms accounting for wind field distribution.

  Collage of the Real Time Digital Simulator Copyright: © Winandy, RWTH