Base load optimized wind turbine for demand-oriented energy production

A decentralized energy supply able to meet baseload demands through renewable energy sources, offers a significant potential for the reduction of electricity costs as it decreases the need for an expensive extension of grid and storage. Furthermore, it should be assumed that the future development of wind energy will cause the remuneration for the amount of energy produced to develop dependent on the average wind speed and therefore can no longer be regarded as constant. The above-mentioned boundary conditions require wind energy technology to be adapted to currently non-economic local conditions of landlocked areas, while reducing volatility of power and maximizing capacity. The latter results in a significantly diminished demand for controlling power, which insures grid stability through conventional power plants. The main objective of project “MaxCap” consists in developing a baseload optimized onshore wind turbine in order to support demand-oriented energy production. This concept is based on a significantly lower specific power output per unit area, i.e. a low ratio between generator power and rotor diameter. Compared to turbines currently in operation, this approach increases the number of full-load hours at a lower load level, and thus affects both the development of the electromechanical drivetrain as well as the requirements for the rotor blades and the tower. MaxCap aims at developing a medium-speed generator system with several stator windings and a load-optimized operational management alongside validating the entire system on the Center for Wind Power Drives system test bench, which will be subsequently measured as a complete system in the field.


01.01.2018 - 31.12.2020

Project funded by:

European Regional Development Fund EFRE.NRW 2014-2020

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Leitmarkt Agentur.NRW