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Systematic validation of system test benches based on type testing of wind turbines

The aim of the overall project is to demonstrate that test and measurement campaigns performed on system testbenches provide as meaningful and valid results as field-based test and measurement campaigns. In order to focus the work of this project, this proof is given by way of example based on the measurement campaigns for determining the electrical properties, which are defined in TR3 (also called type testing). These measurements form is the basis of the certification of a wind turbine, so that they have a high relevance with regard to further utilization. So that measurements on system test benches lead to comparable results as field test, hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) methods are developed in this project, which enable a realistic mapping of the actual dynamic behavior of a wind turbine at the test bench. In order to validate the results obtained with these methods on the system test bench amongst others measured a wind turbine from ENERCON on the system test bench at the IWES and the CWD and reported the results regarding the TR3 listed points "active power output", "reactive power supply", "grid feedback", "separation of the EZE from the grid", "proof of the connection conditions" and "behavior in case of disturbances in the network "compared with field measurements of this wind turbine.


01.06.2017 – 31.05.2020

Funded companies:

Dewii UL Renewables FGH vernetzt F&E Enercon GmbH Fraunhofer IWES

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Flender International GmbH Forschungsvereinigung Antriebstechnik eV Siemens AG Tennet Holding B.V.

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Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

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