Acoustic main gearbox

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Advanced drive train simulation models for wind turbines

Since the productive onshore sites for wind turbines are limited, currently the installation sites grow closer to residential areas. Hence the acoustic emitions of the wind turbines become more and more critical. Especially the tonal noises emitted from the gearbox have to be avoided because they are audible even from a long distance. Today efficient simulation- tools are missing which enable the user to analyze and predict the acoustical properties of a gearbox including the whole acoustical system of the wind energy turbine during the development process. In close cooperation with Bosch Rexroth the simulation methods and tools are enhanced to gain the possibility to simulate the acoustical behavior of a gearbox on the wind energy turbine at an early stage of the development process.

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Hightech.NRW European Regional Development Fund Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

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Rexroth Bosch Group AG