Trailing Edge Flaps

  Simulation of Trailing Edge Flaps Copyright: © CWD  

Aeroelastic analyses of large wind turbines

The time-varying wind loads on the rotor of a wind turbine (WT) can cause damages within the drive train. It shall be investigated to what extent active aerodynamic measures, such as flaps on the rotor, can reduce these loads. At the Chair for Computational Analysis of Technical Systems (CATS) of RWTH Aachen University aeroelastic simulation methods with numerical flow solvers (CFD) are being developed and can be adapted for this task. Aerodynamic Models of Reduced are derived which can be integrated at the CWD into the detailed multi-body simulation model of a wind turbine. Thus, the efficiency and the associated control strategy can be analysed.

Projekt funded by:

Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety

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Chair for Computational Analysis of Technical Systems