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Identification and Creation of Technical Innovation for Future Wind Turbine Generator

Compared to conventional and other renewable energy sources wind power becomes more and more competitive and relevant. In order to allow a smooth and optimal integration of wind turbine generators (WTG) into the future energy system, several technical challenges need to be faced. Possible challenges are the volatile power feed-in, high investment cost, long approval processes and social requirements. Within the TESYS-subproject „Identification and Creation of Technical Innovation for Future WTG“, prospective innovation will be detected and developed in a structured way. Limitations and drivers for future development cannot only be found in the technical environment but also in economical, ecological and social factors. Hence this project pursues a holistic approach. Based on the analysis of a weighted multitude of criteria technological solutions in the field of wind power are going to be ranked regarding relevance. The output of this project is therefore a relevance ranking of technological innovation for WTG.

Technology Based Energy System Analysis "TESYS"

The RWTH and the Forschungszentrum Jülich have a unique technical expertise at solving different energy system related subproblems at their disposal. In order to pool and join the individual competences in one comprehensive energy system model 19 project partners created the interdisciplinary research project‚ ‘Technology Based Energy System Analyis (TESYS)‘. Beyond connecting technical expertise furthermore econmical and social aspects are integrated. The aim is one unique, consistent methodological modelling and evaluation competence with adjustable tools for answering energy system analysis questions. Several supply, conversion and infrastructure as well as consumption paths will be fully adressed by the models as depicted in the figure on the right. The synergetic utilization of interdisciplinary knowledge enables the RWTH to develop energy system analysis which is unique in the broad scope of approach and depth of detail simulatneously. Within this project the following five topics are addressed (coordinating institute in bold):

  • Historical Innovation Cycles in Projection on the Energy Transition Cycles (WST, EMR, IEK-3, ISEA, IPW)
  • Prosumer-Driven Sustainable Energy Transition (ERC.FCN, AVT.SVT, ITMC)
  • Cross Sectoral Flexibility Options for Integrating Renewable Energy Supply (IAEW, AVT.SVT, ERC.FCN, IEK-3, IFHT, IKDG, IRT, ISEA, LTT)
  • Techno-Economical Assessment of Fuel Paths Based on Renewable Energy (IEK-3, AVT.SVT, IFHT, OM, VKA)
  • Identification and Creation of Technical Innovation for Future Wind Turbine Generator (CWD, AIA, EMR, ERC.FCN, IEK-3, ISEA, IRT)


01.08.2015 – 01.08.2018