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Martin Cardaun

Team Lead Plant Design


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Acoustics of gearless and fast rotating wind turbines

Due to the global expansion of onshore wind energy, the acceptance of the inhabitants of nearby settlements is becoming increasingly important in the design of new wind turbines. This is a result of the need to develop new areas closer to residential areas. The sound radiation of the plant is a central factor which, in contrast to other aspects, can be specifically manipulated by the design of the plant. An inadequate design can lead to the occurrence of tonal noises in the vicinity of the plant due to the concatenation of structure-borne sound excitation, transmission and radiation. For the integration of the prognosis of the sound radiation in an early stage of the design process, models are needed which can make reliable statements about the acoustic behaviour of the plant even before the construction of prototypes.

Tonal noises are mainly caused by the radial periodic force densities at the high-pole ring generators of the gearless wind turbines. Current simulation models do not yet sufficiently reproduce structure-borne sound excitation, transmission and radiation. Due to the need for such models, there is a need for research. Therefore, in this research project a tool in the form of a coupled dynamic and acoustic simulation is to be created and validated with test bench and field measurements. This tool will be integrated into the design process of future plants.


01.10.2018 - 30.09.2021


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Novicos University of Kassel

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Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action

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