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  MaxCap prototype on 4MW test bench Copyright: © MWIDE NRW/Andreas Buck/maxcap-windwise GmbH


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System validation of the base-load optimized wind turbine ‘MaxCap’ for demand-driven energy production

A decentralized baseload-capable energy supply through renewable energy sources offers a significant potential for reducing electricity costs, as the need for cost-intensive grid and storage expansion is reduced. Furthermore, it must be assumed that, due to the development of wind energy, the payment for the amount of energy produced will in future develop in relation to the average wind speed and can therefore no longer be regarded as constant. The above-mentioned boundary conditions require the adaptation of wind energy technology to previously uneconomic inland site conditions, while at the same time reducing the volatility of power and maximizing the capacity factor. As a result, the need for operating reserve to be provided by conventional power plants to ensure grid stability is greatly reduced.

The development of a corresponding baseload-optimized onshore wind turbine to promote demand-oriented energy production was the main objective of the maxcap project. The concept is based on a significantly lower specific power per unit area, i.e. a low ratio between generator power and rotor diameter. Within the project, the maxcap wind turbine has been developed by windwise and has a rated power of 2.3 MW with a rotor diameter of 141 m. The CWD was involved in the development of the innovative drivetrain concept and its validation at the 4 MW test bench. After several months of prototype commissioning and optimization, final tests were carried out on the system test bench of the CWD.

In the follow-up project ‘Validation MaxCap’, the prototype successfully validated on the test bench will be tested and certified in field operation. In this project, CWD will again be involved in the simulation- and measurement-based validation of the wind turbine, with a particular focus on:

  • Load monitoring
  • ​Component utilization
  • Abstraction losses on system test benches for wind turbines


02.11.2021 - 31.10.2024

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Winergy GmbH

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