Ganzheitliche Bewertung von Windenergieanlagen-Antriebsstrangkonzepten in der frühen Produktentwicklungsphase

  • Holistic comparison of wind turbine drivetrain concepts in early design stage

Harzendorf, Freia; Schelenz, Ralf (Thesis advisor); Stolten, Detlef (Thesis advisor)

Aachen : RWTH Aachen University (2021, 2022)
Dissertation / PhD Thesis

Dissertation, Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen, 2021


Today, the wind turbine drivetrain concept decision in an early design phase is made based on incomplete information. In addition, it is influenced by the subjective experience of the deciding development engineers. Furthermore, some product lifecycle phases as well as the entire system’s perspective are sometimes neglected. However, the prevailing cost pressure as the strongest driver in wind turbine technology calls for holistic and objectified drivetrain concept decisions in an early design stage.The main objective of this thesis is to develop and apply a holistic assessment framework to conduct structured and comprehensive drivetrain concept comparisons in an early design stage. In order to objectify the decision and to reduce complexity, an additive target system is derived in a systematic way. It takes technical, economic and ecological aspects as well as the preferences of the deciding engineers into account. Parameterizable, physically and empirically based model approaches are developed and validated to allow the quantification of the concept’s performance with respect to different targets. An ideal level of detail is identified and implemented for every drivetrain component and lifecycle phase. The developed method is subsequently applied to derive statements about a concept’s future viability. It is furthermore utilized to give recommendations about design goals and places for improvement of currently available drivetrain concepts. Beyond that, the assessment of innovative drivetrain concepts is assured. The utilization of this newly developed approach in the industry will objectify the design decision and thereby lead to improved drivetrain designs.


  • Chair for Wind Power Drives [412010]