Practical screening of purified cellobiohydrolases and endoglucanases with α-cellulose and specification of hydrodynamics

Jäger, Gernot; Wu, Zhuojun; Garschhammer, Kerstin; Engel, Philip Wolfram; Klement, Tobias; Rinaldi, Roberto; Spieß, Antje; Büchs, Jochen (Corresponding author)

London : BioMed Central (2010)
Abstract, Journal Article

In: Biotechnology for biofuels
Volume: 3
Issue: 1
Page(s)/Article-Nr.: 18


  • Chair of Biochemical Engineering [416510]
  • Chair of Enzyme Process Technology [420110]
  • Maßgeschneiderte Kraftstoffe aus Biomasse [080026]