Diethoxymethane as tailor-made fuel for gasoline controlled autoignition

Lehrheuer, Bastian; Hoppe, Fabian; Heufer, Karl Alexander; Jacobs, Sascha; Minwegen, Heiko Julian; Klankermayer, Jürgen; Heuser, Benedikt; Pischinger, Stefan

Contribution to a conference proceedings

In: [37th International Symposium on Combustion, 2018-07-29 - 2018-08-03, Dublin, Ireland]


  • Maßgeschneiderte Kraftstoffe aus Biomasse [080026]
  • Department of Chemistry [150000]
  • Translational Molecular Catalysis Teaching and Research Area [154320]
  • [154330]
  • Chair of Themordynamics of Mobile Energy Conversion [412310]
  • Junior Professorship of Physico-Chemical Fundamentals of Combustion [415530]