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  Test Bench with Vestas V52 operating conditions at CWD Copyright: © CWD
  test procedures of the measurement campaign Copyright: © CWD

The construction and the start-up of the test bench for the projects WEA-GeR and V6LoadS have been completed so far. The joint measurement campaign of the two projects on the 4 MW system test rig is entering a new phase, so that the first tests can be started from now on. For this measurement campaign, synthetic test conditions were derived from real operating conditions of a Vestas V52 wind turbine.

With other setups, tests on emergency stops, start-stop cycles, fast idling, dynamic load cases based on the "Design Load Cases" as well as static maps for torque, speed, bending moment, and lateral force will be performed. Thus, in WEA-GeR the robustness of the endangered gearbox components and thus of the gearbox against fatigue damage, slip damage and ring wandering is investigated. For V6LoadS, on the other hand, sensor setups will be derived to determine gearbox input loads more accurately.

We are looking forward to the next steps of our projects.


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