• IEA Wind Task 35
    IEA Wind Task 35

IEA Wind Task 35

Full Size Ground Testing of Wind Turbines and their Components

Task 35 Progress

The first project phase is about to determine the scope of Task 35. By considering industry demands and WTG manufacturer concerns, Task 35 is able to identify relevant types of testing for both subsystems nacelle and blade as well as to estimate their future prospects. Because the wind industry is largely unaware of the full potential all participants emphasize the capabilities and benefits of full scale ground testing. Since Task 35 was born, wind industry and various research institutions express their interest and become more and more attracted by the Task significance and importance.

In 2014 the more detailed and concrete aspects of Phase I are considered in the following design analysis of the technical system WTG. The purpose is to analyze and benchmark the interaction effects between rotor, tower, nacelle and further subsystems and components. To improve test facilities and procedures for WTG it is necessary to identify and understand weak spots of the technical system. With the analysis of the critical operating conditions it is possible to consider design uncertainties, design limiting and design load cases as well as design assumptions with high sensitivities to operational success of different drive train concepts. The critical load conditions of a WTG will be investigated to develop reasonable load cases for test procedures.

The results of the first analysis phase will be used as basis for the further Task proceedings. The second project phase is divided into the subtasks “Blade Test” and “Nacelle Test”. The topics covered in each subtask will be similar but adapted to the respective systems and test specifications. With the knowledge of the critical components, load situations and common test investigations it is possible to define new or augmented requirements for test bench configurations.